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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Intrebari cu privire la cont/Account Questions

FAQ Link Ce este Ratia?/What does "Ratio" means?

FAQ Link Cum imi sterg Cookies-urile?/How do I clear my cookies?

FAQ Link De ce ar trebui sa ma inregistrez?/Why should I register?

FAQ Link Mi-am uitat parola, ce pot sa fac?/I lost my password, what can I do?

FAQ Link Cum imi pot schimba informatiile profilului meu?/How can I change the information in my profile?

FAQ Link Imi veti sterge contul daca nu ma loghez?/Will you delete my account if I don't sign in?

FAQ Link IP-uri multiple (Ma pot loga de pe calculatoare diferite?) / Multiple IPs (Can I login from different computers?)

FAQ Link Cum schimba NAT/ICS-ul asa ceva? / How does NAT/ICS change the picture?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)